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The purpose of our school is to develop the whole personality of the child, which includes the spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual capacity.  In an orderly environment, the child works at self-selected tasks and develops a positive concept of self and others while creating the person she/he is to become. In an atmosphere of love, trust and reverence, the child senses the mystery and majesty of creation and the wonderment of which he/she is a part. Emphasis is placed on God's world and the "Specialness of Me."  The Emmaus Today Christian Montessori School accepts all children without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.

Emmaus Today

Emmaus Today, Inc. is a non-profit corporation of the State of California that was started by three Sisters of Charity of O. L. Mother of Mercy in 1983. Its primary goal is to bring together into a “community for service” people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to promote the welfare of the poor and marginalized. We believe that one of the most important services we can offer the poor is a good education.

The organization’s corporate works are focused in the field of education through a Christian Montessori School in Linda Vista, a multicultural area of San Diego.  The school is operated by Sisters Rachel Daniels and Maureen Keegan. The former is the administrator and the head teacher and the latter is the co-administrator. Both are non-salaried and are Ph.D.’s who have taught many years on all educational levels from preschool through university. With that background, they became convinced that the Montessori Method, especially in the early years of childhood, is one of the best preparations for life, spiritually, intellectually, psychologically and physically.  In addition, the school follows an ecumenical philosophy.  Christian values, respectful and courteous behavior, self-confidence and the ability to respond to challenges are all emphasized.

The Emmaus Today Christian Montessori School gives preference to the children of low income and/or single parent families through low tuition and scholarships. Our teaching staff is culturally diverse and our curriculum includes, in addition to traditional Montessori methods and materials, an introduction to world cultures, science, Spanish, computer use, music and art.  All materials are “hands-on” which means that the children work with them on a daily basis. The children have options with regards the materials with which they work in various educational areas, e.g. language, math, sensorial, practical life, art, science, etc.

The years from 3-6 are what Montessori calls the sensitive periods. Truly educating children during these years, according to the Montessori philosophy, will affect their entire academic future in very positive ways.

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